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The goals of the CoE Portal are:

1. Promoting courageously active and genuine dialogue to broach difficult topics to better appreciate others’ perspectives

2. Emphasizing professionalism using audience-interactive role-playing scenarios to effectively eliminate all forms of harassment behaviors and sexual assault

3. Adopting a proactive mentoring program for junior personnel that genuinely benefits their professional development and future promotion potential

4. Optimizing organizational functions and processes toward supporting cultures of excellence

5. Crafting action plans that directly address unit culture issues

6. Actively track the impact of action steps on unit culture throughout plan execution

7. Leveraging CoE Portal tools to harvest the benefits of inclusion and diversity management to help optimize readiness and mission execution


What is the Difference Between Culture and Climate
Image of World Map with figures of human beings

It is important for leaders to understand the differences between culture and climate and the effects of each upon their organization.  View the video below to learn more:

Climate versus Culture

What is Culture?

Culture is an organization's unique identity.  It reflects the underlying assumptions about how the organization can be successful, based in early successes from the initial formation of the organization.  These beliefs, values, and norms are often unspoken and removed from members' day-to-day awareness. 

Other Aspects Affecting Culture

Culture is also influenced by the interpretation of "time".  See the video below for more information

Time and Culture Roundtable

What is Climate?

Organizational Climate stems from members' day-to-day experiences within the work environment and reflects members' shared perceptions of behaviors, practices and routines that are reinforced by coworkers and leadership.


Click the image below to download a full size poster

Culture vs. Climate Poster

Culture versus Climate Poster


Diversity and Inclusion IconThe Department of Defense strives to be a diverse organization reflective of American Society as well as demonstrating the value, respect, and appreciation of its workforce through positive inclusivity.  Topics shown below are areas which can impact upon the Department’s overarching goals.

Human Goals Charter


DoD Human Goals Charter



Diversity Management Video

Accessibility - Neurodiversity Video

►  Facilitation Guide:  Neurodiversity

New Information Icon Conversation Starters

►  Diversity
►  Equity
►  Inclusion
►  Accessibility
►  Conversation Starter - Facilitation Guide

Demographic Profiles and Reports

►  2021 Profile of the Military Community (current report)
►  2020 Profile of the Military Community
►  2019 Profile of the Military Community
►  2018 Profile of the Military Community
►  2017 Profile of the Military Community
For additional reports please visit Military OneSource or visit our demographics area located at the tab above:  Research Library/Publications/Initiatives/Demographics Tab

Policies and Plans

►  Department of Defense Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Strategic Plan
  DODI 1020.05, DoD Diversity and Inclusion Management Program
►  DODD 1020.02, Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity in the Department of Defense
►  Government-wide Strategic Plan to Advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce (Nov 2021)
►  Defining Diversity – MLDC Decision Paper 
►  Fact Sheet President Biden Signs Executive Order
►  Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce

Other Publications

►  Technical Report 23-04, Inclusive Leadership for Senior Executives and Military Leaders
Technical Report 23-06, Exploring Key Strategies to Improve Diversity and Equal Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity for Senior DoD Leaders
►  Technical Report 23-07, Does Diversity and Inclusion Offer a Return on Investment? A Practical Review for DoD Senior Leaders

Awareness Items

Who's on Your Team 

Other Resources

►  2023 DAF Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Strategic Plan
►  Memo on Actions to Improve Racial and Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion in the U.S. Military
►  DoD Building a Civilian Talent Pipeline
►  GAO-23-105284, Report to Congressional Committees:  DoD Civilian Workforce. Actions Needed to Eliminate Barriers to Diversity
  DEIA Glossary of Terms
►  DEIA Bibliography
►  Action Memo:  Racial/Ethnic Diversity Subcommittee Research Priorities
►  Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion in the Armed Forces


Click on the poster image(s) to download the full-size product.

2022 Diversity and Inclusion Poster
Diversity and Inclusion Poster


Equal Opportunity Icon Prevention Icon
MEO Toolkit Harassment Prevention


Equal Employment Opportunity Icon Prevention Icon
EEO Toolkit Harassment Prevention


Leadership IconTopical Areas
Leadership can be like a two-sided coin.  Leaders can demonstrate positive traits that support an organization and build up unit members, or they can demonstrate negative traits that hinder or tear down unit members.  This section provides tools and products to assist in reinforcing positive leader traits as well as identifying negative behaviors and potential strategies to reduce and eliminate them.

Trust in Leadership

Leadership - Group Cohesion Overview

Information for Leadership

Please note:  DEOMI no longer administers the DEOCS.  If you have questions or problems with a password please click the customer support link below to contact the appropriate POC.  To access the OPA Portal and DEOCS survey and resources, click here.

►  DEOCS Information
  Factor Products
►  Customer Support
  Archived DEOCS Factor Products  (although some items may be outdated for DEOCS purposes, you may find some useful products here)


Harassment Prevention and Response
Employee Development

Leader's Conversations

The following guide has been developed to assist leaders in holding difficult discussions with their Service members on potentially sensitive and emotional topics.  Leaders should consult with their EO, EEO, and special staff (SJA, IG, Chaplain, PAO, and others) when preparing for such a discussion.

Leader's Conversations

►  Effective Conversation Strategies


►  Technical Report 08-13, Ethical Leadership:  A Factor in Mission Readiness

► Technical Report 20-01, Readiness and Selection Assessment of Equal Opportunity Advisors

► Technical Report 21-08, Resonation with a Morality Framework

► Technical Report 22-01, Analysis of Impacts of EO-SAPR on OE Job Satisfaction Based on DEOCS Longitudinal Data Using Decision Tree

►  Technical Report 22-04, Effective Training and Approaches for Command Teams' Leaders:  Management of MEO, EEO, and DEI Programs

►  Technical Report 22-08, Effective Strategies for Command Team Leaders:  Implementing Leadership Accountability Approaches

►  Technical Report 22-09, Facilitating Effective Conversations:  A Framework for Command Team Leaders

►  Technical Report 22-10, Self-Reflection and Regulation Training (SRRT):  A Proposed Training Model for Mitigating the Impacts of Senior Leader Bias in the Armed Forces

►  Technical Report 23-04, Inclusive Leadership for Senior Executives and Military Leaders

►  Technical Report 23-06, Exploring Key Strategies to Improve Diversity and Equal Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity for Senior DoD Leaders

►  Technical Report 23-07, Does Diversity and Inclusion Offer a Return on Investment?  A Practical Review for DoD Senior Leaders

Technical Report 23-09, Master Workforce Transformation:  Strategies of Senior Executive Leaders

►  Technical Report 23-10, Leadership Oversight Framework:  Navigating Organizational Excellence

►  Technical Report 23-11, Risk Management: A Comprehensive Guide

►  Technical Report 23-12, Strategic Leadership Focus:  Talent Management, Mentorship, and Workplace Diversity

►  Technical Report 23-13, Navigating the EO and EEO Strategic Landscape:  A Guide for Senior DoD Leaders








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